Add class to your event by hiring a pianist

The piano is one of the most pleasant sounds in music. Its grace and charm make it the ideal for all types of events whether it is wedding reception, dinner parties, birthday parties, holiday celebrations or any type of events. If you are organizing a New Year party then hiring a pianist would be the best thing! But it is very important to hire a suitable pianist as per the theme of your party. In this blog we have given few tips which will help you to find the perfect performer for your party. Read on!

 Tips to hire a pianist:

There are a few things which you should consider when hiring a piano performer. First, before booking the party venue, make sure they can offer a piano because pianists will hardly ever be able to bring their own. They may be able to bring the keyboard but not entire piano.

Before finalizing the pianist, you should listen to their audio and video samples. If you are satisfied with the sound and look of the pianist then only book him. Another thing, you can do is to get references and read feedbacks of old customers. Talk to people who have seen the pianist or have booked them for the performance in the past. Reading feedback is the best thing to ensure you book what you want. Last thing you should do is, always get a contract. Read the agreement carefully and check everything related to duration of performance, scheduled breaks, dress, charges, lodging and travel.

Song list is another very important subject to cover. You should always discuss songs with the pianist would prefer to hear, as well as those songs you absolutely don’t want to hear!

 Hire a pianist:  

The holidays are here, so there is no better time to hire a pianist for such events! Hiring a pianist add class and elegance to your event. It is the great party entertainment for young and old in the holiday spirit.